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by Jade Newton •

Christmas Gift Guide ✨

✨ Christmas Gift Guide ✨ It's that time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner, and you're scrambling to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Don't stress! We've got your back. Whether you need a gift for your loved ones, or fancy a little treat for yourself, we’ve got everything you could think of in this year’s Australian Gold Christmas Gift Guide!   If your loved one doesn’t want dry skin and is always on the lookout for new ways to combat the signs of ageing, then you’re in the right place! Give the gift of hydration and glowing skin with these suggestions:   Smooth faces: Alongside being a great facial Intensifier, to help boost tan results, Smooth Faces can also be used as a daily moisturiser. This hypoallergenic lotion has pH-balancing properties which work to draw out impurities from the skin. This helps encourage a clearer, glowing complexion.  Great for: tanners with sensitive skin looking for an all-in-one skincare product that can also be used to moisturise What jingles our bells: The pH-balancing technology that draws out impurities, and hypoallergenic formula. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW     Botanical SPF 50 Face lotion:  A bestseller for a reason! This facial SPF doubles up as a great BB cream thanks to its flattering tint and mattifying look. With a hypoallergenic and fragrance free formula, and vegan certification, this product ticks many boxes for its cult following and is a great addition year-round for an anti-ageing boost to skincare.  Great for: normal and oily skin types What jingles our bells: the tint that means this product can be used as a primer, BB cream or sun cream.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE     Hemp Nation Eucalyptus and White Tea Tan Extender:  Designed with skincare enthusiasts in mind, this Hemp Nation draws on spa-quality ingredients for the ultimate dry-skin buster. Not only does this have the bestselling Hemp Nation base, combining Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter and other deeply hydrating ingredients. This also harnesses Eucalyptus and White Tea extracts for anti-ageing antioxidant properties. Finally, the addition of a Skin Barrier Repair technology mimics skin’s ceramide levels, to improve skin’s water retention for longer-lasting hydration, softer skin and a longer-lasting tan.  Great for: those looking for the deepest hydration What jingles our bells: the spa-inspired light fragrance and ability to extend your tan even further   CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE  For those looking to maintain their glow over the festive period, treat them to a gorgeous sun kiss. Be it natural, or sunless, we have something for everyone ✨   Sunless mousse:  Give the gift of a golden tan! Achieve a gorgeous instant glow with this lightweight, vegan, Self-tanning Mousse. Alongside great natural-looking tan development, this mousse also works to boost collagen production for a youthful appearance. Aloe Vera has also been added for deep hydration and longer-lasting colour. Great for: Those looking for an even, natural-looking colour without a fuss What jingles our bells: The fast-absorbing formula, promising a non-sticky glowing appearance  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR SUNLESS MOUSSE BY CLICKING HERE    Smooth legs:  A fantastic powerful leg bronzer which also uses natural ingredients for smoother, darker legs. Smooth Legs’ immediate and delayed bronzers are blended for instant colour gratification and a deeper, delayed, developed colour. Some of our team will use this before a night out for an instant kiss of colour and airbrushed look! Great for: Those who struggle to tan their legs What jingles our bells: The smooth, silky after feel and impactful bronzers FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING HERE    The Hot! collection: All based on our 30-year bestselling Intensifier, Hot!, this collection is the ultimate answer for boosting natural tan development. Love a bronzer? Hot! Black combines bronzing technology with melanin-stimulating ingredients for a faster, more even, deeper glow. Looking to boost your natural glow? Hot! works to encourage faster melanin stimulation for a longer-lasting natural tan, ideal for both sunbed use and layering with SPF when on holiday or sunbathing.  Great for: Those looking for the fastest, deepest tan development with premium skincare What jingles our bells: the 200X concentrated pharmaceutical and food grade Aloe Vera, for a lightweight feel and powerful moisturisation!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALOE COLLECTION   Looking for something smaller? These gifts may be compact, but that doesn't mean they're any less useful! Protect from the elements and hydrate with these goodies that will make your looks last!  Raysistant lip gloss: SPF 15, hyaluronic acid and a gentle added shimmer. All the things we love for brightening and protecting lips whilst completing your look. Ideal for using on its own, or to layer on top of matte lip sticks for a longer-lasting shine that won’t chap. Great for: Prevent chapped lips and layering with other lip colours for a shimmery look What jingles our bells: The added hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturise lips SHOP NOW   Bronzing Powder:  Our Raysistant collection promises for long-lasting, waterproof, reliable makeup. This Bronzing Powder is soft to the touch, easy to apply and leaves you with a gentle highlighted glow for brightened skin.  Great for: Those looking to boost their glow, whilst also protecting skin with SPF 50 What jingles our bells: The easy application, natural golden colour and soft, velvety feel. SHOP HERE    Crystal Faces: This facial Intensifier doubles up as a great makeup primer and daily facial moisturiser, plus thanks to the addition of DermaDark, this works to help with a gradual-building tan, without reliance on UV light! Great for: Those looking for quality skincare, an a primer feel that fills in fine lines and wrinkles What jingles our bells: The DermaDark for natural tan development with daily use CLICK HERE TO SHOP    Face Guard Stick A combination of SPF 50 protection, waterproof reliance and deeply hydrating ingredients make this a winter sun and summer essential. Easy to apply, this is great for applying to easily-forgotten spots, such as your nose, and ears. The skincare also makes this a great option for tattoo care too! Great for: protecting easily-forgotten areas from burning, tattoos from fading and scars from discolouration What jingles our bells: The use of hydrating ingredients, such as Kakadu Plum, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to moisturise deeply. SHOP NOW   One of the main reasons why men don't use lotion regularly is the feel of it on the skin. This is why we have made a collection of specially-designed products that don't matte body hair or leave skin with a residue. Give him the gift of a deeper tan, softer skin and tattoo care, without leaving an after feel on the skin.  Hydrate by G Gentlemen:  Keep that rough exterior hydrated this winter with Hydrate by G Gentlemen! This unique blend of silicones lock moisture into the skin while providing a velvety after-feel. What's more, the added DermaDark® promotes gradual colour with daily use.  Great for: Those with dry skin due to its intense hydrating and fast-absorbing base which also prevents matted body hair.  What jingles our bells: The ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology to prevent tattoos from fading.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS BESTSELLER HERE   Intense by G Gentlemen: The coconut water base to this lotion means that it's lightweight and won't matte body hair. Added tattoo technology helps maintain tattoo vibrance and moisturise skin deeply. Ideal for boosting a natural tan. Great for: Tattooed tanners and men looking for a lightweight formula with golden results What jingles our bells: The long-lasting eau-de-cologne-like fragrance and fast absorbing formula! CLICK HERE TO SHOP    Or, why not give the gift of Sunshine On Demand?