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Tanning tips for safe sunbathing

by Jade Newton |

With summer just around the corner, make sure you're ready to glow with our latest sunbathing tips!

SPF 5ever

SPF is not negotiable when getting ready for a day in the sun. No matter your skin type or tone, sun cream should always be applied. This isn't just for it's UV protection, but it's ability to combat the signs of ageing and overall ability to care for skin. 

This should be applied:

  • 20 - 30 minutes before sun exposure
  • Every two hours as a minimum (this should be increased if swimming, sweating or towel drying). 

(And don't forget these typically ignored areas: your scalp, nose, cheekbones, ears, back of the neck, tops of the feet, hands, and lips!)

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Lotion time!

Layering your favourite tanning lotion with SPF is a great way of keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated, whilst also encouraging deeper natural tan results. This also helps to maintain skin's natural hydration levels whilst outdoors to help combat the ageing process.

When reapplying your lotion every two hours, simply layer your tanning lotion once the sun cream has fully absorbed into skin (typically after you've finished apply SPF, your first point of application will be ready for tanning lotion thanks to its quick-absorbing formulas).

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Stay hydrated

Keep yourself and your skin hydrated throughout the time you spend outside. As the weather heats up, drinking water is essential to staying hydrated, replenishing lost water from sweating and preventing heat stress.

Little and often is recommended over large quantities and infrequently, so aiming to rehydrate every 15-20 minutes is ideal!

Take a break

Feeling like it's getting too much? Taking time out of the sun won't stop your tan development. Understanding your body and ensuring you're responding to its needs is key. If you need to sit in the shade, or cover yourself with a t-shirt to avoid overexposure, you are a star for putting your skin's individual needs first. 

Always listen to your body. If it feels it's getting a bit toasty, more SPF, more water, and take a break. Staying out in the sun won't do you or your skin any favours. 

Put on your tanning cap

A sunhat or kimono can be your bestie when you've had enough sunshine for the day. Covering up is key for not overdoing it when you're still enjoying the warmth, but know your skin doesn't need any more tanning time. 

Don't overdo it

The most important thing is to avoid overexposing skin. Don't leave it too long in between SPF reapplications, and listen to your skin. Some skin types can stay in the sun for longer than others, so it's important to cater to your individual needs. 

If you do overexpose or burn yourself, make sure to give your skin a break and avoid tanning until skin has fully healed. Apply a high factor and keep skin covered. 

Spending time in the sun after sunburning will result is a more powerful burn and the potential for future skin damage. Moisturise, keep hydrated and don't overexpose whilst it recovers.

Finish the day right

Tanning can dry skin out:

  • The sun can dry skin due to the excessive heat
  • UV exposure can cause the upper layer of the skin to thicken and dry out
  • Sweating rids skin of essential moisture

By finishing each day spent outdoors with a generous dose of moisturiser or after sun (or both!), this will help restore skin's natural oils and moisture levels for smooth, soft skin and an anti-ageing boost. 

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