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Check out our new Hemp Nation!

by Jade Newton |

Brand New Hemp Nation Eucalyptus and White Tea Tan Extender is now available 🥳

Do you struggle with dry skin? Or are you looking to help repair your skin barrier? Our latest Hemp Nation is for you! Inspired by spa-quality skincare, and harnessing the signature technologies of our bestselling line, this Hemp Nation is not one to be missed 😍

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What is the Hemp Nation line?

The Hemp Nation line is our bestselling collection of Tan Extenders (moisturisers specially designed for enhancing your tan). These work to boost your glow, lengthen the life of your tan and deepen future tan results. This is thanks to a signature collection of nourishing skincare ingredients; such as Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter, and a superfusion of vitamins. 

Each Hemp Nation has their own signature 'hero ingredients' which dictate the fragrance and also add extra skincare benefits for the tanner!

Why is this one so special?

Hemp Nation's Eucalyptus and White Tea Tan Extender harnesses Eucalyptus and White Tea extracts. These are both rich in antioxidants, which work to combat free radicals for a youthful appearance. Alongside this, Eucalyptus can help to increase skin's natural levels of ceramide, which is known for its water-retaining capacity, to improve barrier function. 

This also has added Skin Barrier Technology which works to mimic skin's membrane to improve skin's water retention. Plus, this technology also helps with the overall improvement of skin texture and appearance, reduced flakiness, and improved skin clarity

Finally, the fragrance is really lightweight, long-lasting and unisex 😍

When would I use this?

This Tan Extender is the ultimate for 24 hour moisturisation. With that in mind, it's ideal for tanners, skincare enthusiasts and those looking for an anti-ageing boost! 

The best time to use your Tan Extender is totally dependent on who you are:

Tanners: After your tanning session; either sunbathing or a sunbed, moisturising afterwards helps to maintain skin's moisture levels and ensure a long-lasting glow.

Skincare lovers and everyday moisturising enthusiasts: After bathing, showering or swimming; did you know that hot water can strip your skin of natural oils? By moisturising, you restore your natural oil levels and prevent skin from feeling tight, irritated or itchy. This will also soothe, smooth and soften 😍

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