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☀️ Meet Home Tanning ☀️

by Jade Newton |

Home Tanning; your choice for Sunshine on Demand!

With the weather taking its final turn and starting the festive season with a bang, wrapping up, keeping warm and yearning after sunshine have become some of our favourite hobbies these past few weeks. But after a disappointing summer (anyone else feel cheated by the lack of sunshine?), you’re not alone if you’re dreaming of an escape to somewhere warmer. This is where Home Tanning may be able to help you out! 

home tanning buy home sunbed company

Home Tanning offers you all the warmth of a Mediterranean holiday, just without the jet lag with its range of premium home sunbeds. Crafted by world leader, Hapro, Home Tanning’s range of sunbeds can suit any tanner’s budget, space and lifestyle. Not only does Home Tanning stock a range of stand up and laydown models, but they also understand the need for flexility when tanning at home and the importance of being able to store equipment easily. With this in mind, they also stock a range of compact home sunbeds which can be folded up or stored away, for the ultimate space-saving solution. 


Red light tanning

What’s more, with the rise in popularity of red light tanning among certain people, Home Tanning has also worked to accommodate this in its sunbed collection. Studies have shown red light tanning may improve the symptoms of certain skin conditions, therefore, this model offers an easy-to-use way of promoting skin rejuvenation, combatting acne, relieving certain skin conditions as well as relieving pain and improving peoples’ mood.

Check out the gorgeous Innergize below! This sunbed allows you to tan with UV, with red light, or with both wavelengths together. This also folds down to a quarter of its height when fully stood up (1600mm to 400mm) for a great space-saving option!

All of Home Tanning’s beds are available to purchase with 0% Finance or pay-in-3 schemes from Klarna, also helping to ensure that their best equipment isn’t out of reach. For more information on their range of home sunbeds, check out their website!