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Tips to boost your tan!

by Jade Newton |

How to kickstart your tan faster

As we start to move closer and closer to a glimpse of spring and summer, are you starting to think about building your tan? If so, you're not alone! Here are some of our top tips to help you build and deepen your tan as fast as possible ✹

Lotion is 🗝 KEY!

Did you know that using a tanning lotion will help you to start the tanning process within 30 seconds of your session? Without a lotion, this can take up to 3 minutes, meaning that both sunbathing and on a sunbed you are wasting tanning time. Lotion helps to moisturise skin, speed up the tanning process, protect tattoos, lengthen the life of your tan, deepen future results and work as an anti-ageing skincare hero. 

Tip: Always apply your tanning lotion within 10 minutes of your tanning session. This means all tanning technology will work to its full potential for the best results possible. 

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Hydration is your hero

Staying hydrated is KEY to helping your tan last as long as possible. Dry skin reflects light, slowing down tan development. It also means your skin will shed faster. The faster your skin sheds, the faster your tan will fade and become uneven or patchy, as it removes the tanned upper layer of skin’s cells. By upping your water and ensuring you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water per day consistently, you are hydrating your skin from the inside out, slowing down the natural shedding process. 

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ï»żMoisturise, moisturise and moisturise again!

Following on from the point that dry skin reflects light, it’s clear that the main way to help this, is to rehydrate skin. Moisturising daily is ideal; this will maintain skin’s natural level of hydration, keeping it soft, supple and your tan glowing and even. 

For those looking for the best hydration possible, our Hemp Nation collection are all reviewed 5 stars and have been designed by tanners FOR tanners with the aim of making your skin glow and your tan last as long as possible. These moisturisers contain no alcohols or other drying ingredients, unlike many high street moisturisers, and have added skincare ingredients which work to deepen your natural tan, care for tattoos or plump the skin with a collagen infusion 😍

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Hair removal before tanning

Did you know that shaving and waxing can dry out skin? (I bet you’re seeing a pattern here now!) This is typically why certain parts of your body struggle to tan more than others, such as legs. 

The first thing we suggest is ensuring you have shaved, waxed and removed anything you don’t want  before your tanning session (spray, sunless or UV). Follow this up by moisturising for soft, supple skin ready for your tanning session. 

Shaving after your tanning session can combat the nourishing properties of the tanning lotion, making it pointless to have applied it, and risking drying out skin for uneven results. 


 Exfoliate gently every few days to rid skin of dead skin cells will help prevent future tanning results from being patchy and uneven. As dry skin cells reflect light, this can prevent certain areas, such as shins, from tanning as deeply. 


Have you seen our exclusive DermaDarkŸ technology? This works to trick your skin into producing melanin. This works to build a gradual tan, both with and without UV light. This makes it ideal for building a natural tan after, as well as applying in between tanning sessions to boost your glow. 

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Bronzers vs Intensifiers

ï»żWhat do you use? Bronzing lotions and Intensifiers both have different plus points! 

Intensifiers: Ideal for boosting a natural tan, fair-skinned tanners, building a base tan, maintaining a glow and layering with SPF when sunbathing 

Immediate bronzers: Boost a natural tan with an added instant glow whilst your natural tan develops underneath. 

Delayed bronzers: Ideal for breaking through tanning plateaus, boosting results further, faster tan development, colour correction and even tan results, as well as event tanning!

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