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The Difference between our Bronzers

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Choosing just one of our lotions can seem like a daunting task. What collection do I choose? What lotion suits my skin type best? And namely, there are FIVE different categories of bronzer? What should I be using? Australian Gold products use a variety of different bronzers: Delayed,  Tan Activated, Immediate, White Bronzers and DermaDark®. These all affect the tanning process differently.


What is a bronzer?

"Isn't is just fake tan?". Simply put, no! The main confusion when it comes to choosing a bronzer, is understanding what role they play in tanning lotions. Unlike a fake tan, bronzers come in all different forms and provide different colour developments depending on what you choose.

However the main similarity between them all is that unlike a fake tan, the bronzers in our tanning lotions look natural. In comparison to a fake tan, which is designed to provide an instant, dramatic change in colour, professional tanning lotions have lower levels of bronzer, ensuring your tan looks even and natural. These can be great for those looking for an instant hit of colour from their tanning session, or if you are trying to break through your tanning plateau.


☀️ Delayed Bronzers ☀️

Delayed bronzers provide a gradual colour development which takes places over a few hours after your tanning session. Our most commonly used delayed bronzers are DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose which both increase dark colour. These sugar cane extracts darken proteins in the skin to give an extra boost of colour for fast, visible results, only turning brown after reacting with the skin. The more DHA is used, the deeper the tan becomes, meaning that the frequency of application affects the depth of colour achieved. Colour from DHA lotions typically lasts between four and seven days and results start to become visible within two to four hours after application (application is fully noticeable after 8-24 hours). It is recommended to wash hands immediately after the application of a lotion containing DHA as this reacts differently on the palms of the hands compared to the rest of the body. By applying a DHA lotion, a tan's dark colour lasts longer.

The use of a delayed bronzer is great for tanners who are looking for deeper colour than just their natural tan. These are also ideal for those looking for a long-lasting colour. 

Australian Gold only use the highest grade of DHA, ensuring your tan will look natural.


Immediate, Delayed and Tan Activated bronzers are all used alongside DermaDark® in Australian Gold's Hot! With Bronzers to encourage a deep, healthy tan. This means that this lotion can be used to create an instant glow but gets its best results when skin is exposed to UV light.


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☀️ DermaDark® ☀️

DermaDark® is a blend of ingredients which increases the depth of colour in pigmentation due to the stimulation of melanin, even without UV exposure. It  encourages a bronze colour by stimulating melanin formation. It's easy maintenance, streak-free and lasts up to 9 days.

As this does not need UV exposure to encourage tanning, this is a great choice for people with fair skin.


DHA, Immediate/Natural bronzers and DermaDark® are used in Australian Gold®’s Sunless Collection to ensure a deep, streak-free tan without the need for UV exposure.


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☀️ Tan Activated ☀️

Bronzers in this range are known as accelerators and intensifiers as they don't provide any immediate colour gratification. They consist of a blend of Melanin Activating Boosters which help you to reach your own natural, darkest bronze. This technology can only be activated when exposed to UV light. The melanin in these products speeds up the tanning process as it enables the skin to process melanin faster.

These lotions contain melanin, allowing the tanning process to kickstart faster than it would naturally. This makes lotions with tan-activated bronzers ideal for those with skin types 1 & 2 as they will lack high quantities of melanin. Therefore the melanin added to these will encourage a natural tan to develop faster, deeper and with better overall results. 


Intense by G Gentlemen is a limited edition intensifier, containing only Tan Activated Bronzers. This lotion will speed up the tanning process by stimulating melanin.


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☀️ Immediate / Natural ☀️

All Australian Gold immediate bronzers are made from natural based extracts such as caramel, henna, banana, carrot oil and walnut shell. These add extra colour to the skin to give an immediate glow. This can last between one and two days whilst a natural tan develops underneath. 

 These bronzers are ideal for those looking for that instant colour gratification.

Tan Activated and Immediate/ Natural bronzers can be found in Australian Gold's Superior Natural Bronzer as well as DermaDark®.


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 ☀️ White Bronzer ☀️

White Bronzers will give you just as deep a tan as a normal bronzer, the only difference being that when you apply this to your skin, it has no pigment. This type of bronzer is great for people who worry about staining. White Bronzers can be filled with both Natural, Immediate Bronzers as well as DHA Bronzers to provide both instant and delayed colour gratification. Just note, although these lotions are clear when initially applied, the tan produced is still deep, so ensure you still apply White Bronzer Lotions in a circular motion to avoid streaks!


TIP: We always recommend you wash your hands within an hour of applying your lotion to avoid any DHA development on the palms of your hands. Your palms and fingers process DHA differently to the rest of your skin, resulting in a much darker colour than the rest of your body. 


Many of our lotions contain a mix of these different types of bronzer to help you achieve the tan that is perfect for you. Many products will contain both an immediate and delayed bronzer as this gives both instant and gradual results, which ensures a long-lasting, developed tan. 



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