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💙 Winter Skin Relief Day ❄️

by Jade Newton |

Now that we’re halfway through the winter, it gets to the time where many people are finding their skin is more irritated, itchier, and drier than usual. But don’t worry, if that’s you, you’re not alone! Winter can play havoc with our skin, with fluctuating temperatures, harsh winds, and drier air, it’s no wonder that we can feel a bit on the crunchy side. But don’t worry, here are some of our top tips for keeping skin feeling soft and supple during this harsh, frosty weather, to celebrate National Winter Skin Relief Day ❄️

How to spot when your skin needs a little bit more TLC 

So how do you spot whether or not your skin needs a bit of love? Following on from harsh weather your skin could feel…
…Itchy or irritated - Not only can itchiness be a sign of dryness from harsh, cold outdoor air, but your skin’s hydration can be worsened by your air conditioning indoors. This is especially noticeable when going from a high temperature indoors, to the chill outdoors, which can pull moisture from the skin. 
Tight - As the weather turns cold, the body focuses more on caring for your internal organs, sometimes to the detriment of your skin’s wellbeing. Hydration is focussed on your internal organs as your body deals with the cooler temperatures. This means that internally, skin’s hydration slows down, as does your natural oil production, resulting in the skin becoming dry and tight. 
…Sore or raw - Not only can this be caused by dryness, but this can also be due to a lack of sunlight during the cooler seasons. Some people may see a flare in certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis during the cold weather. This is both thanks to the fluctuating temperatures and dry air, but also due to a lack of UVB which may be seen to improve skin conditions. This may also be seen to improve when tanners also try infrared tanning

SPF is your BFF

So it may not be sunny or warm, but SPF should be a part of your routine year-round. 
“Sunscreen should be worn every day you plan on spending any time outdoors, all year round,” explains Brian Kopitzki, D.O., a dermatologist at Beaumont Hospital. “Temperature should not be a factor in choosing if you use sunscreen or not.”
Although not visible, UV radiation is around every day, regardless of temperature, time of year, or cloud cover, with UVA staying at a very similar strength year-round. Applying SPF means that your skin is protected from this radiation both indoors and through windows. What’s more, sun cream can also act as a barrier on the skin, protecting against harsh winds, cold air, and fluctuating temperatures, to keep skin soft, supple and hydrated. 

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Up your water 

As your body focusses on internal hydration, meaning that your skin misses out, you can help it out by upping your water. Not only will this prevent skin from shedding (which can also make your tan fade faster), but it also means your skin will be more capable of producing its natural oils more easily than it would otherwise. 


Moisturising can both act as a prevention and cure during cold weather. A thicker, creamier moisturiser can act as a barrier on the skin, preventing environmental stress and restoring any lost natural oils. What’s more, it can also work as a soothing cure for dry skin, by adding a deep layer of moisturisation and goodness to the skin, soothing the rawness caused by inevitable winter dryness.
For those looking for the best hydration possible, our Hemp Nation collection is all reviewed 5 stars. Not only are these super-rich, and crammed full of skincare to soothe dry skin and prevent future tightness or irritation, they have also been designed by tanners FOR tanners with the aim of making your skin glow and your tan last as long as possible. These moisturisers contain no alcohols or other drying ingredients, unlike many high street moisturisers, and have added skincare ingredients that work to deepen your natural tan, care for tattoos or plump the skin with a collagen infusion

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Lips need some loving

It’s common for people to find that their lips are more chapped during the winter months. But how many people up their lip care to match? Just like the rest of your skin, your lip area needs protection during the cold weather to prevent drying, chapping, and soreness which can also lead to splitting. This is especially common when spending time outdoors in the cold weather. 
Always make sure to apply a lip balm or gloss to act as a barrier from harsh environmental effects. This will also work to hydrate, nourish and care. We recommend applying lip care that also has SPF, again to benefit from its ability to protect skin from environmental stressors as well as UV.

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Bathing and showering

One thing that many of us are guilty of, is at the end of a cold day, kicking off our socks and treating ourselves to a steaming hot bath. Although this can feel super soothing, it can actually negatively impact your skin. Did you know that having hot showers and baths can strip your skin of its natural oils? By lowering the temperature, you lessen the likelihood of drying out the skin so severely. By cooling your water temperature, and following this by moisturising, you ensure you are doing the best you can to soothe your skin. 
By keeping on top of your skincare during these harsh periods, you are less likely to end up with irritated, uncomfortable and sore skin, but instead will prepare your skin for the coming spring, for the best tan results possible 💛☀️