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What is DermaDark®?

by Jade Newton |

What is DermaDark®?

As we spend more time focussing on building our tan at home, a great way to work on this is by applying lotions that contain DermaDark®. However, what is DermaDark®?

DermaDark® is an exclusive Australian Gold® bronzing agent. 

This tanning technology works to help induce your natural melanin biosynthesis, naturally oxidising your melanin, and leading to increased pigmentation, even without UV exposure.

Simply put, this works with the proteins in your skin to enhance your natural tan without reliance of UV light. 

This tanning technology is maintenance-free, streak-free, odour-free and stain-free. What's more, this bronzing agent is added to certain lotions, which, when applied regularly, boosts your natural tanning capabilities. This ability to deepen your natural tan makes this a great technology for those with fair skin, those looking to build a tan, as well as for maintaining a tan. What's more, the tan accrued when applying DermaDark® can last up to nine days, depending on skin condition. 

DermaDark® develops genuine colour, not a sunless colour. This means that the technology won't transfer onto clothing or discolour your hands if not applied correctly. Applying Tan Extenders or tanning lotions which contain DermaDark® topically will help build your tan gradually at home. 


Sea Salt and Sandalwood Tan Extender is a great example of a Tan Extender which contains DermaDark®