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How to use our Instant Sunless Spray

by Jade Newton |

 How to use our Instant Sunless Spray

Following on from the Tanning Tips of the Australian Gold Sunless Lotions, for those who prefer a spray-tan-like feel and immediate coverage, the Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray is the perfect product for you. By following these Top Tips for applying Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray, you shall radiate a golden glow instead of a streaked and speckled sienna.


This product is recommended to be applied 6-8 hours before when the tan is desired as this will allow the DHA and DermaDark technology enough time to fully develop into a deep, natural tan.


1. Exfoliate two days BEFORE applying your Instant Sunless Spray

The DHA and DermaDark technology within Sunless products will work on skin that has just been exfoliated, however the DHA locks into the skin much more effectively two days later, when the skin is still clear of dead cells, but not as fresh.


2. Cleanse your skin, especially your face

Having clean skin is important for an even looking tan. By cleansing, you rid yourself of any residue dirt that was not removed by exfoliation.


3. Remove all make up, moisturisers and deodorant 

As with the Sunless lotions, these products will prevent the Sunless Spray from being absorbed into the skin and the DHA will not be able to work properly to create a deep, natural tan. 



4. Barrier cream

Apply a barrier moisturiser such as Australian Gold's Forever After to ankles, elbows and other areas prone to dryness as they will process the colour too deeply, creating an unnatural look to certain areas. If you have fair hair, apply a barrier cream to prevent the Instant Sunless Spray staining your eyebrows or hairline.


5. Phone a friend

The Sunless Spray can initially be a bit challenging to apply independently as the bottle does not have a 360 degree nozzle. Also getting a consistent flow up the body at a distance can be difficult for first-timers.


6. Time to apply!  

It is recommended to apply this in a shower or bath to avoid the staining of carpets (but if not, don't worry - all Sunless products wash out of fabrics very easily). Don't spray your feet, the excess spray in the air will coat feet on its own accord. (Have your bronzing buddy) spray the Instant Sunless solution from a minimum of 25cm away to avoid inconsistencies and spattering. Start from the bottom of the legs and move up the body gradually.

When covering the legs, start by facing to the side (of your sprayer). Once this side has been covered, rotate 90 degrees before being sprayed again. Repeat this until all of the outside leg is covered.

After covering all sides of the legs, go into a lunge, facing sideways to (your helper so that they can) spray the inside leg. Repeat this on the other side. 

If you have a friend to help with the application of your Instant Sunless Spray, hold your hands together in a prayer pose throughout the tanning process. This will:

  • Stop you from touching the skin immediately after being sprayed.
  • Ensure the sprayer can cover the sides of your torso.
  • Prevent the tanning of your palms.

Once you reach your neck, stop spraying.


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7. Gloves on  

After applying the Sunless Instant Spray to your whole body, rub your body in a circular motion with a tanning mitt, starting with the first limb to be tanned and finishing with the most recently sprayed area. This will help to blend out any imperfections.


8. Face up to the tan  

Applying self tan to your face can be scary, but as long as you spray directly onto a mitt rather than your face, this will help to create a natural look. Add sparingly and focus on the areas which would naturally catch the sun such as your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Spread out from these areas, moving from the centre of your face outward as you would with a foundation. Always avoid the delicate eye area, eyelids and under the eye never tan naturally and this can lead to dark circles and an unnatural glow. Finally, don't forget your ears!


9. Don’t forget your feet

Naturally, you don’t tan on the bottoms of your feet, however it seems to be a common problem that people forget to tan the tops. Use the tanning mitt in a circular motion to wipe over the tops of your feet, smoothing out all of the residue spray which will have landed by your feet. This will avoid sock marks and achieve a head-to-toe golden glow. 


10. Wash your hands

This step is particularly important if you have not used a mitt, as the skin on the palms of your hand is different to the rest of your body, the way it absorbs moisture also differs. Not only will your finger nails be stained by the caramel extract, but your hands will darken unnaturally, giving away that your sun kissed skin is not your normal hue.


11. Reapply to hands

Although you do not want unnatural palms, the tops of your hands still need a bit of a sun kiss. 

Place your hands back together in a prayer pose and have your sprayer paint a cross over each hand: one stroke going down your hand from wrist to fingers and the other crossing the palm. Hands should then be treated like the tops of the feet and rubbed with the mitt in a circular motion to avoid spattering or streaks.

Alternatively, spray the mitt with Sunless spray and apply directly to the hands.


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12. WAIT

One of the biggest faux-pas of self-tanning is people’s determination to get dressed straight away after tanning. This will ruin all of your work. The spray leaves an initial sticky after feel, very much like a spray tan. By putting on clothing immediately, the spray that has not been absorbed by the skin fully will shift and create lines as well as transfer onto your clothing.

By waiting, you shall also see the rapid development of colour from the Caramel and Black Walnut Extract as well as the DermaDark and DHA technology, encouraging the production of melanin for a delayed, long-lasting radiance. When getting dressed, putting on looser fitting clothes will improve the development of your tan.