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What is the best tanning lotion?

by Jade Newton |

“What lotion gives you the best tan?” The most common question we receive, and the most difficult to answer!

Unfortunately, there is no official “best tanning lotion”, as the answer is different for everyone! With this in mind, here are some of the most common questions we will ask to determine what is right for you, and how you can work this out too!

  1. How do you tan naturally?

This will indicate to us how you naturally build up a tan. Although this doesn’t have an impact on the lotions you can use, it does indicate whether an Intensifier (lotion which focusses on building a completely natural tan), or a tanning lotion with bronzers would be a better choice for you. 

For those with fair skin, we would recommend the initial use of an Intensifier or Immediate Bronzing lotion to begin with, as you build a base tan. Although Delayed Bronzers are a great option for building deeper colour faster, there is a risk that if not applied correctly, tanners can look uneven or streaky, especially without any base colour. 

The table below details what would be the best choice, depending on your skin type, for initially building a base tan, as well as deepening your tan further.


Skin type 1-2

Skin type 3-4

Skin type 5-6 

Sensitive skin

Building a base tan

Intensifier, Immediate bronzer

Intensifier, Immediate Bronzer, Delayed Bronzer

Intensifier, Immediate Bronzer, Delayed Bronzer

Hypoallergenic lotions - ideally Intensifiers 

Increasing their glow

Any (Tingles should be applied as a test patch first)

Any (Tingles should be applied as a test patch first)

Any (Tingles should be applied as a test patch first)

Hypoallergenic lotions 

Anything to avoid?




Tingles, lotions which contain irritating ingredients


2. Do you have any skin sensitivities?

australian gold what tanning lotion is the best

Not only will checking this ensure that you don’t use a product that could irritate your skin, but it also indicates whether or not a hypoallergenic lotion would be the best option for you. Did you know that one of the most common sensitivities is to fragrance? With this in mind, we have a collection of fragrance free, hypoallergenic products which are ideal for all skin types. 

Want to see our range of hypoallergenic lotions? Click HERE to find out more! 


3. What is your price point?

Although this may come across as slightly intrusive, the reason we ask this is due to the wide range of products at different prices we stock. As a rule of thumb with Australian Gold, the higher the price point, the more skincare that has been added. The more skincare that has been added, the better it will help with your skin condition. The better your skin condition, and the more hydrated your skin, the faster, deeper and longer-lasting your tan will be. 


4. Are there any added extras you’re looking for?

 A tanning lotion doesn't just help you tan, they are crammed full of skincare, as well as different technologies which can help to boost your tan or care for skin further...

Tattoos: Did you know that UV light can cause tattoos to fade? With this in mind, we boast a range of products which can help protect your works of art. These work to deeply hydrate and nourish to rejuvenate during your tanning session and combat UV's ability to fade.

This sound up your street? Click HERE to check out our range of lotions with tattoo protection!

Hard to tan areas: Do you find that no matter how hard you try, certain parts of the body don't tan as deeply as others? You're not alone! Did you know that many people struggle to tan areas, such as legs, which are drier skin?

Dry skin reflects light, slowing down the tanning process significantly. With this in mind, we have a range of lotions which help to combat this.

Struggle to tan your legs? Click HERE

 Oily skin: For those with oily skin, we stock an oil-absorbing, pH balancing lotion which not only works to boost tan results, but also ensure a matte finish with no shine. To find out more about this lotion, click HERE!



Once you have answered all of these questions, this will help you to filter through our collection and find the product that is best suited to your tanning journey. Still unsure what is right for you? Drop us a message on socials, and we’ll be able to provide you with more guidance ☺️

In the meantime, why not check out our top ten bestsellers here:

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