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🐨 Time to meet Taro 🐨

by Jade Newton |

Whilst we wish Orana a happy third birthday, unfortunately we must also bid her farewell. Sadly she has had to move to another zoo and so is no longer adopted by us. However we also have Taro-ffic news!

Meet Taro, our new adopted koala!  

His keepers describe him as:

"being cute and cheeky, his greatest strength is revealed when wrestling with his Koala buddies.    

Although smaller in stature, he's keen for a challenge and holds his own against any competitor. 

Taro's powerful bellow is the mark of a true champion." 

Born 3rd March 2016, he is now celebrating his second year in Paradise Country on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Taro is part of Australian Gold UK's initiative which enables the Australian Koala Foundation and Paradise Country to continue their fantastic conservation work, and ultimately aid the preservation of the koalas’ natural habitat.  

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that there are less than 100,000 Koalas left in the wild, possibly as few as 43,000.  Although not officially classified as endangered, the population of Australian koalas has dropped by 90% in less than a decade. This is due to the destruction of the koala's natural habitat, a narrow crescent on the eastern coast of Australia, as well as from domestic dog attacks, bushfires and road accidents.



Stay posted for koala-ty updates on how he is getting on throughout the year!