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Happy International Men's Day!

by Jade Newton |

As we celebrate International Men’s Day, it’s important to consider its philosophies.

Two of the organisation’s main goals are:

1. To raise awareness for male health and wellbeing

2. To highlight discrimination faced by men.

One social expectation complying with these issues is that men shouldn’t pamper and care for their skin in the same way that women should. With this in mind, fighting against common, yet outdated, social attitudes has never been more necessary. We now live in 2018, and on International Men’s Day it’s time to wake up and smell the lotion: MEN MOISTURISE TOO! Here at Australian Gold UK®, we believe in pampering parity and subsequently have a product line of lotions designed specifically for men. 

As mentioned in a previous blog, there too many benefits of moisturising to count, which heralds the question as to why lotions are assigned to one gender? A way of considering this logic, is to compare your face to a leather jacket. Leather does not behave differently depending on whether it derives from a male or female animal: if the leather is left for long periods of time without care, it cracks, flakes and begins to look worn down. If the leather is moisturised, the ageing process is slowed down and the jacket remains in good condition for longer. Using a lotion has the same effect on skin. Simply put, moisturising and applying lotion is great for you.



Australian Gold's G Gentlemen® line has been created with a unique base of coconut water and concentrated coconut juice.

This base ensures that the lotions spread easily and absorb quickly, leaving no greasy residue. Coconut is an excellent natural moisturiser whose antibacterial properties protect and cleanse the skin. By applying the coconut base, all elements of skincare are covered in one product, ridding yourself of the hassle of individual cleansers and moisturisers. This whole range is accompanied by a 'Rugged' fragrance : a mixture of Cedarwood, Patchouli, Lavender and Geranium, giving the line a clean, masculine smell. All G Gentlemen® products are accompanied by CellActive® Complex, a unique blend specifically formulated for tough skin which helps to increase skin resilience whilst also locking in moisture for longer-lasting hydration and rejuvenation. Even the packaging creates a masculine feel to the product due to the sharp lines and dark blues and greys, demonstrating that skincare and moisturising is an essential for everyone. 



 Australian Gold's Iconic Collection contains Gelée® with Hemp, an intensifying lotion and gel blend which has the tanning power of an oil but with the ability to moisturise deeply and quickly. This lotion is also recommended as a great product for male clients as the lotion absorbs incredibly fast and doesn't mat down body hair, once again nourishing the skin without a greasy residue. 

When considering our skin, there is only one main difference between it and leather. Once a leather jacket is worn and tired, you are able to throw it away and start again. Unsurprisingly, this is not the case for your skin. Moisturising and self-care should therefore not be seen as an extravagance, but as a self-investment in your skin's future wellbeing. This leads back to the question as to why skincare has for so long been categorised as feminine. In the same way that vitamin tablets have no gendered assignment, the social expectations surrounding lotions should be removed from The Middle Ages and brought into the twentieth century. Skin as soft as a baby's bottom will always beat cracked leather and on International Men's Day, it's time to appreciate this!