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Superior Natural Deluxe Bronzer


Australian Gold Superior Natural Deluxe Bronzer

Break the cycle of pale with this top-of-the-line Magnificent Natural Luxe Bronzer.

This Magnificent Natural Luxe Bronzer is an exceptional blend of Instant Bronzers and DermaDark® for the best instant colour gratification and most enhanced, developed results that last days longer.

The Skin Reviver Technology uses anti-ageing ingredients to keep skin hydrated, toned and rejuvenated for an even softer, flawless glow.

Our Timeless Youth Elixir features Bamboo, Pea Extracts and Glucosamine. These are perfectly blended and specially designed to help increase skin toning and radiance for a more youthful complexion.

SatinTouch Blend is a breakthrough Silicone emulsion blend that provides a luxurious feel and extreme hydration for a silky, smooth velvet-like feel.

The Dual TanFresh Blend helps prevent and mask after-tan odours, but instead leaves tanners with a refreshing, invigorating after-tan fragrance.

The Superior Collection offer the best skincare of all Australian Gold Tanning Lotions, promising healthier skin and therefore a better, deeper, darker, longer-lasting golden tan.

  • Fragrance: Unattainable Apple
  • Size: 205ml

Top Tip: The SatinTouch Blend gives this lotion a luxurious feel that is easy to evenly apply, ensuring no streaks.



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