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Smooth Legs

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Australian Gold Smooth Legs

Enhance your glow on hard-to-tan areas with specially-designed Smooth Legs bronzer. Designed to hydrate and enhance your glow. 

What's inside?

  • Bronzing Power: Natural and delayed bronzers are blended for immediate colour gratification and a deeper, delayed, developed colour.
  • Shave minimisers: Work to diminish stubble and also seal in moisture for silky smooth legs. Hair removal dries out skin, which in turn makes tan development slower, more uneven and faster to fade. By slowing hair growth, this allows skin to tan more deeply.
  • Vitamin-rich: Formula helps to soothe skin for a supple appearance
  • Hydrating skincare: Natural oils, Shea Butter and Stevia work to hydrate and tighten skin.
  • 105ml bottle
  • Tropical Amber fragrance

Tanning tip: This lotion is a great choice for those who love Dark Legs but are looking for more powerful colour boosters.

We love: the smooth, silky after feel and impactful bronzers.

How to apply Australian Gold Smooth Legs

On a sunbed:

Apply Australian Gold Smooth Legs in a circular motion, before applying your body tanning lotion to your upper body. This ensures you avoid creases or uneven lotion coverage. 


Australian Gold Smooth Legs can also be applied daily. The powerful immediate bronzer makes this ideal for adding a kiss of colour to your legs, with an airbrushed-looking finish. 

Smooth Legs

Smooth Legs