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Smooth Legs

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New for 2020 Smooth Legs

A powerful leg bronzers which also uses natural ingredients as shave minimisers for smoother, darker legs.

Natural and delayed bronzers are blended for immediate colour gratification and a deeper, delayed, developed colour.

Shave minimisers work to diminish stubble and also seal in moisture for silky smooth legs.

Vitamin-rich formula helps to soothe skin for a supple appearance, whilst natural oils, Shea Butter and Stevia work to hydrate and tighten skin.

Leaves skin with a satin, powdery after-feel.

  • 105ml bottle
  • Tropical Amber fragrance

Tanning tip: This lotion is a great choice for those who love Dark Legs but are looking for more powerful colour boosters.

We love: the smooth, silky after feel and impactful bronzers.

Smooth Legs

Smooth Legs