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JWOWW Shore Nights

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JWOWW Shore Nights

A deluxe dark bronzer for those looking for deeper hydration and anti-ageing ingredients.

What's inside?

  • Bronzing power: Immediate and delayed bronzers blend for instant colour and delayed luminous results. These bronzing agents have been infused with extra hydration for longer-lasting colour and smoother spreadability than ever before.
  • Collagen infusion: A huge dose of collagen has been added to this lotion to help hydrate and plump skin for toned, touchable, youthful skin.
  • Silicone: Silicone has been used for even coverage. This also leaves skin with a velvety after-feel and longer-lasting hydration for impactful colour that really lasts.
  • Hydration: A powerful combination of hydrating ingredients and natural oils seal in moisture for radiant results. 
  • 400ml bottle
  • Sparkling Kiwi fragrance - the same as her bestselling Shore Love Intensifier

Tanning tip: JWOWW bottles are 400ml, meaning that the cost per session of these lotions is a lot lower than those in our 250ml and 300ml bottles. This makes her products much more cost effective.

We love: The long-lasting fragrance, powerful bronzing blend and use of collagen for a youthful boost. 


How to apply Australian Gold JWOWW Shore Nights:

On a sunbed:

Apply all over your body within 10 minutes of your sunbed. For best results start at your feet and work up the body in a circular motion.

Whilst sunbathing:

1. Apply your SPF 20 minutes before sun exposure

2. Layer Australian Gold JWOWW Shore Nights tanning lotion immediately before sun exposure

3. Reapply your sun cream and JWOWW Shore Nights tanning cream every two hours as a minimum. This frequency should be increased if swimming, sweating or towel drying. 

JWOWW Shore Nights

JWOWW Shore Nights