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Satin D Sol

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Let your sunny disposition shine through with Satin D Sol!
Experience the ‘UV Advantage’ with this advanced DermaDark® Bronzer - a powerful, natural colour enhancer that deepens your tanning results for a gorgeous, golden glow. Melanin boosters have also been added to speed up the natural tanning process. 
This lotion is fortified with ProVitamin D and also enriched with Vitamins A and E to improve skin condition and encourage a longer-lasting tan due to improved skin condition. 
Harness the power of UV light and Vitamin D that synergistically combine to provide optimal skin nourishing and dark tanning results.
  • Melanin-enriched DermaDark® Plus Blend: Powerful, natural colour-enhancing blend with a melanin booster for a deep dark hue
  • Vitamin Drink with ProVitamin D: Precursor to Vitamin D production and needed to process calcium that aids in the tanning process
  • Tanning Blend lusciously moisturises, revealing sensually smooth, dark skin that is even-toned to perfection
  • Fragrance: Sexy Surf
  • 300 ml

Top Tip: This lotion is great for those looking for enhanced natural results thanks to the DermaDark® bronzing agent blended with Melanin boosters. 

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