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Nude Awakening


Australian Gold Nude Awakening

It's time to strip down and show off that gorgeous skin!

This 20th Dimension Bare-It-All Bronzer combines Natural Bronzers for instant, dark flawless colour and Melanin Activators that stimulate your skin for darker, developed colour. The BodyBlush Blend brings your colour alive with a blushed glow.

  • 20th Dimension Bronzer: A high level of Natural Bronzers, including Henna, Indigo and Hibiscus, blended with Melanin Activators.
  • BodyBlush Blend: Energises skin for optimal colour results and a rosy flushed finish.
  • Bio-Active Minerals: 92 essential minerals, including Copper, for healthier, stronger skin and a visibly alluring appearance
  • After-Tan Odor Inhibitor: A new ATO technology that stabilises the pH of the skin, inhibiting irritation and unpleasant odours.
  • Paraben Free
  • Fragrance: Berry Buff
  • Size: 300ml

Top Tip: The BodyBlush Blend provides a rosy, flushed glow without the irritation and pain often associated with tingle products.



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