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Australian Gold Midnight

A gorgeous tingle lotion with top-quality bronzers for immediate and delayed colour as well as a gorgeous flushed, rosy glow. 

This lotion combines the amazing bronzing results of DHA plus Erythrulose with a new Mahakanni hydrating delivery system to deliver instant and delayed gorgeous results. Plus the Heat Wave Warming Complex provides a soothing, UV-activated warming sensation, which provides a spa-like warming effect without irritation for a flushed, rosy glow.

Purple Sweet Potato, Black Cohosh and Moonstone Opal work together to protect and nourish your skin. Plus the SatinTouch Blend offers a luxurious silicone blend to provide an expensive and luxurious feel.

Dual TanFresh Blend eliminates after-tan odour using a combination of powerful odour inhibitors

  • Fragrance: Enchanted Moonlight
  • Size: 250ml

Top Tip: Warming products like Midnight are great for winter tanning sessions as they bring an additional warmth.

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