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JWOWW Tattoo Color Protection
JWOWW tattoo colour protection lotion for sunbeds


JWOWW Tattoo Color Protection

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JWOWW Tattoo Color Protection

No matter how large your tattoo, this ultra-rich, easy-to-apply, thick cream will help keep it as vibrant as day-one! Mineral Color Protection blend reduces tattoo colour damage from sunlight or tanning beds. Deep-treatment moisturisers and vitamins soften and strengthen skin. Let the sunshine in and show-off your body art!

  • Mineral Tattoo Protection: Minerals, Natural Extracts and Honeysuckle Extract help protect tattoo colour from fading
  • Ink-Drink Complex: Vitamins A and E combine with Beeswax, Raspberry and Grape Seed Oil to give tattoos a healthy gulp of rejuvenation and restoration
  • Conditioners: Botanical extracts and essential fatty acids blend to keep skin supple and healthy
  • Powerful Hydration: Moisturises and softens for soft skin
  • Fragrance Free 


JWOWW Tattoo Color Protection

JWOWW Tattoo Color Protection