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Instant Sunless Spray


Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray 

Achieve the exquisite colour you crave with this luxurious Instant Sunless Spray. This gives you an immediate sun-kissed glow thanks to Natural Bronzers, Caramel and Black Walnut. Plus DHA, Erythrulose and DermaDark® Bronzers blend with Erythrulose to allow for delayed, more developed, natural colour. 

Kakadu Plum - the richest source of Vitamin C in the world - and Shea Butter are added to ensure colour is long-lasting thanks to their hydrating properties which also condition skin. What's more, Maka Extract contains high levels of Vitamins E and B which are incorporated to prevent the formation of free radicals and combat the ageing process. Caffeine energises and tones skin for a healthy, radiant complexion.

This quick-dry, oil-free spray formula allows for even, streak-free coverage in one easy motion. The Tropical Breeze fragrance covers any hint of the DHA scent present in most self-tanning products. What's more, the immediate colour is so natural you can apply this in the morning and allow it to develop throughout the day, making your tan perfect for an evening out.

  • Fragrance: Tropical Breeze
  • Bottle 177 ml

Top Tip: When applying Sunless Lotions and Sprays, separate the body into sections (for example, legs, arms, torso...) and apply the Sunless solution to each section one at a time, allowing for them to dry before moving onto the next. We also recommend starting at your legs and moving up the body - this will prevent creasing.


For more information on how to apply our Sunless Spray, take a look at our blog here.


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