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Australian Gold Gelee Accelerator Tanning lotion
Australian Gold Gelee Accelerator Tanning lotion ingredients

Australian Gold

Gelée Accelerator

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Australian Gold Gelée Accelerator 

A unisex Intensifier with a unique formula that can be used both alone when on a sunbed and layered with SPF whilst sunbathing.

Formulated with Native Australian Oils and Vitamin E, this unique formula has the tanning power of an oil, the moisturisation of a lotion, but the clean, fresh feel of a gel. Overall, this formula promises enhanced, natural colour.

Hemp Seed Oil provides skin with the optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids that help to condition and moisturise for a radiant, youthful glow. Whilst moisturising oils such as Olive Oil - the closest simulator to sebum - and antioxidant-rich Tea Tree Oil nourish skin for a gorgeous glow.

A mixture of Vitamins A and E help fight free radicals for rejuvenated skin.

  • Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams
  • Size: 250ml

Top tip: This lotion is great for men as the gel/lotion blend absorbs quickly into the skin and does not matt down body hair. 

Australian Gold Gelee Accelerator Tanning lotion

Gelée Accelerator