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G Gentlemen Rugged

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Australian Gold's G Gentlemen Rugged

Looking for faster, deep tan development and no matted body hair? This new and improved formula offers more powerful bronzers, improved skincare and tanning technology. A bronzing formula with tattoo protection designed for men. 

What's inside?

  • Bronzing power: Immediate and delayed bronzers are blended for powerful immediate and deeper, developed results.
  • Silicone blend: Quick absorption, wonderful spreadability and a luxurious after-feel.
  • Caffeine: Fight off free radicals and energise for skin vitality and softness
  • Coconut Water Base: This lotion's first ingredient. A concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalises and softens for toned, radiant skin. This also helps this lotion to absorb rapidly into the skin without leaving a trace of matting body hair, making it ideal for male tanners.
  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology: Creates a moisture-seal blend to prevent tattoos from fading.
  • 250ml bottle
  • Rugged fragrance - long-lasting and masculine

We love: The long-lasting fragrance, tattoo technology and rapid absorption


How to apply Australian Gold Rugged by G Gentlemen:

On a sunbed:

Apply all over your body within 10 minutes of your sunbed. For best results start at your feet and work up the body in a circular motion.

Whilst sunbathing:

1. Apply your SPF 20 minutes before sun exposure

2. Layer Australian Gold Rugged by G Gentlemen tanning lotion immediately before sun exposure

3. Reapply your sun cream and Rugged by G Gentlemen tanning cream every two hours as a minimum. This frequency should be increased if swimming, sweating or towel drying. 

G Gentlemen Rugged

G Gentlemen Rugged