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G Gentlemen Rugged

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G Gentlemen Rugged

New and improved formula offers more powerful bronzers, improved skincare and tanning technology. A bronzing formula with tattoo protection designed for men. 

A silicone blend allows for quick absorption, wonderful spreadability and a luxurious after-feel.

Immediate and delayed bronzers are blended for powerful immediate and deeper, developed results.

Caffeine works to improve the skin's barrier function and improve moisture content for longer-lasting colour as well as tone and strengthen for age-defying properties.

Coconut Fruit Juice base helps to hydrate and restore skin for improved texture and overall skin condition. This also helps this lotion to absorb rapidly into the skin without leaving a trace of matting body hair, making it ideal for male tanners.

Tattoo Technology works to prevent tattoos from fading by deeply hydrating them.

  • 250ml bottle
  • Rugged fragrance - long-lasting and masculine

Tanning tip: This is the latest addition to the G Gentlemen's collection, meaning it offers all of the best elements of the G Gentlemen's range with the most up-to-date tanning technology. 

We love: The long-lasting fragrance, tattoo technology and rapid absorption

G Gentlemen Rugged

G Gentlemen Rugged