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Color Crush

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Color Crush promises for an immediate golden glow, thanks to its combination of Instant bronzers and blue colour-correcting technology, combatting orange tones in the skin.

  • Melanin and Black Walnut Shell combine with blue colourants, promising for an immediate golden glow, deeper, developed natural colour and the removal of any 'orangey' tinged hues. Together, these ingredients ensure a even, deep tan.
  • The signature Biosine Complex promises to soothe, soften and hydrate skin for enhanced tanning results. This is the signature base of all products in the Iconic Collection
  • The nourishing blend of natural oils with Silicone, Caffeine and Berry extracts help to soothe and improve the skin's overall appearance for a youthful glow.
  • This also contains Caffeine, which works to rejuvenate and energise skin for an overall toned appearance.
  • Hemp Seed Oil also conditions and moisturises for a youthful glow
  • The Vitamin Elixir also helps to fight free radicals for a youthful glow by combining vitamins A, B5 and E.
  • Tea Tree Oil has natural, odour-fighting properties and works to combat After Tanning Odours.
  • Tropical Escape fragrance

We love: The colour-correcting formula, fresh and fruity fragrance and caffeine for energised skin!

Color Crush

Color Crush