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Superior Natural Deluxe Bronzer


Australian Gold Superior Natural Deluxe Bronzer

Break the cycle of pale with this top-of-the-line Magnificent Natural Luxe Bronzer. Perfectly blended instant Natural Bronzers deliver immediate results while DermaDark continues to build dramatic developed colour.

  • Skin Reviver Technology: Utilising lavish anti-aging ingredients that help keep skin hydrated, toned and rejuvenated.
  • Magnificent Natural Luxe Bronzer: Exceptional blend of Instant Bronzers and DermaDark for instant colour gratification and enhanced developed results
  • Lavish anti-aging ingredients help keep skin hydrated, toned and rejuvenated for soft, even skin tone
  • Timeless Youth Elixir: Featuring bamboo, pea extracts and glucosamine to help increase skin toning and radiance for a more youthful complexion.
  • SatinTouch Blend: A breakthrough silicone emulsion blend that provides a luxurious feel and extreme hydration.
  • Dual TanFresh Blend: Helps prevent and mask after-tan odours.
  • Fragrance: Unattainable Apple
  • Size: 205ml

Top Tip: The SatinTouch Blend gives this lotion a luxurious feel that is easy to evenly apply.

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