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Daringly Dark
Daringly Dark

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Daringly Dark

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Australian Gold Daringly Dark

Daringly Dark is the latest addition to the bestselling Black Collection. This Intensifier combines deeply hydrating ingredients with natural colour boosters for a lotion ideal for building deep natural colour.

What's inside?

  • Natural colour boosters: Tyrosine and Glycerin combine for enhanced melanin production, encouraging deeper, even colour development and promoting a silky, soft moisture barrier.
  • Biosine Complex®: An advanced combination of Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Panthenol. These soothe, soften and moisturise skin, allowing your natural pigmentation process to tan you faster and darker. 
  • Caffeine: Key for rejuvenating and energising skin for a toned appearance.
  • Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a youthful complexion:
  • Deep hydration: Sunflower, Olive and Coconut Oils provide deeper moisturisation for longer-lasting colour. 
  • Vitamins A, B5 & E: Key for fighting free radicals to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Tea Tree Oil: Ensures you feel fresh after your tanning session. This combats after-tanning odours, and fragrance lasts long after your tanning session.
  • Fruity Coconut fragrance

We love: The unisex design and fragrance of this lotion, making it a great choice for all tanners. What's more, the addition of natural colour boosters makes this a great choice for those looking for a powerful Tan Extender.


How to apply Australian Gold Daringly Dark:

On a sunbed:

Apply all over your body within 10 minutes of your sunbed. For best results start at your feet and work up the body in a circular motion.

Whilst sunbathing:

1. Apply your SPF 20 minutes before sun exposure

2. Layer Australian Gold Daringly Dark tanning lotion immediately before sun exposure

3. Reapply your sun cream and Daringly Dark tanning cream every two hours as a minimum. This frequency should be increased if swimming, sweating or towel drying. 

Daringly Dark

Daringly Dark