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Confident by G Gentlemen



Confident by G Gentlemen 

Show off that refined style with this lightweight Assertive Natural Bronzer - a unique blend of silicone and Natural Bronzers - which flawlessly provides quickly-absorbed immediate dark results.

The Dashing & Dignified Complex combines luxurious skincare ingredients, such as Caffeine, which nourish and moisturise that tough exterior.

The refreshing Coconut Water Base to all G Gentlemen lotions revitalises and softens for exceptionally smooth skin. This also ensures rapid lotion absorption which won't matt body hair.

Our luxurious ColorGuard Tattoo Technology uses Tiger Grass to create a moisture-seal which hydrates deeply to give tattoos vibrancy and help prevent fading. Formulated to combat against After-Tanning Odours.

  • Fragrance: Rugged
  • Size: 250ml

Fact: This lightweight formula absorbs quickly, preventing matted body hair.


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