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Confident by G Gentlemen



Confident by G Gentlemen 

A lightweight Immediate Bronzer designed for men.

A unique blend of silicone and Immediate Bronzers flawlessly provides quickly-absorbed immediate dark results.

The Dashing & Dignified Complex combines luxurious skincare ingredients with Caffeine which nourish and moisturise that tough exterior.

The refreshing Coconut Water Base to all G Gentlemen lotions revitalises and softens for exceptionally smooth skin. This also ensures rapid lotion absorption which won't matt body hair and leaves skin with no residue.

Our luxurious ColorGuard Tattoo Technology uses Tiger Grass to create a moisture-seal to hydrate deeply and give tattoos vibrancy, helping prevent fading. 

Formulated to combat against After-Tanning Odours.

  • Fragrance: Rugged is masculine and long-lasting, similar to an eau de cologne
  • Size: 250ml

Fact: This lightweight formula absorbs quickly, preventing matted body hair.


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