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SAVE - SPF and Aloe Freeze Pack


£45.00 £61.00

Australian Gold SPF Spray Gel with Bronzers and Aloe Freeze Pack

Get all of your sunbathing essentials in one pack from Australian Gold UK. The retail price of this SPF Pack totals over £60 and contains: 

  • 3 x SPF Spray Gels with Bronzer
  • 1 x Aloe Freeze Spray

RRP £61 - SAVE £16


Use the option fields above to choose what Sun Protection Factors you would like. You can have a mixture of sun protection factors from SPF6, SPF10, SPF15 and SPF30. Our Spray Gels with Bronzer impart an instant glow that washes away with water. 

If you would prefer to use the Australian Gold Clear Spray Gels, we also have a SPF Spray Gel and Moisture Lock Pack.

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