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A fantastic unisex bronzer with a high concentration of DHA, this Breakthrough 50X Bronzer utilises a combination of three tanning processes- Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activated Bronzing and Delayed Bronzing – to help provide optimal colour enrichment.

The TanEntice Elixir™, scientifically designed to work in conjunction with the 50X bronzer, uses Amino Acids to help increase Melanin production and distribution. Plus, ChronoReset™ Anti-Aging Synchronization restores your Circadian Clock whilst tanning, improving skin’s function, hydration and appearance, while also serving as a precursor to Vitamin D production.

  • Long-lasting fragrance: Dewy Ozonic Lily
  • 400ml

Tip: This high-end lotion is a great choice for both male and female tanners.

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