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SAVE - Tanning maintenance and skincare pack


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Australian Gold's Tanning Maintenance and Skincare Pack

As many people try to maintain and lengthen their tanning results as much as possible, they don't look at the products they apply between tanning sessions. Some highstreet moisturisers and body washes contain drying ingredients such as alcohol and parabens which lead to dry skin and your tan being stripped at a faster rate. 

Our Sea Salt and Sandalwood Tan Extender and Body wash are both designed with tanning maintenance in mind. 

  • 1 x Sea Salt and Sandalwood Body Wash
  • 1 x Sea Salt and Sandalwood Tan Extender

RRP £36 - SAVE £9

Top tip: To make the most of our body wash, apply a small amount onto a loofah before applying to the body. The use of a loofah helps to encourage a luxurious foamy lather, and ensures you don't use too much - a little really goes a long way! 

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