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September's Product of the Month - Ferocious

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September's Product of the Month - Ferocious 🐯

Every month we will be highlighting our product of the month. This typically will be a lotion that is trending or that is a great choice for the time of year. This also allows us to share tanning tips and insights into our products to help you get the best tanning results possible ☀️

New for 2019, this month's lotion is a fantastic choice for tattooed tanners.


We love:

The bronzers - As summer draws to a close, many of us are looking at how best to keep our bods bronzed. Ferocious is a great option to help you on your way to keeping that summer glow in the autumn months. Caramel works to give you a gorgeous, immediate golden colour. This also works to minimise any red tones in the skin immediately after tanning. We're also loving how powerful the delayed bronzers are, which leave skin with an even, deeper glow.

This moisturising formula helps protect tattoos - Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter have been blended together in this lotion making it's spreadability feel so luxurious. These hydrating ingredients work together to protect tattoos from UV and maintain their vibrancy. This super-moisturising formula also promises for an even, streak-free tan and long-lasting results. Applying a tanning lotion which is so deeply moisturising will also promise for softer skin and a gentle, anti-ageing effect.

The great skincare ingredients - 3 types of Native Australian plum have been added into this formula. These Superfruits are full of antioxidants and help to nourish skin and combat free radicals - Free radicals can be caused by all types of environmental stresses and speed up the ageing process. 

The end results as not only does this lotion promise for a deep, streak-free glow, but a natural polymer has been added to even and smooth skin tone and brighten your complexion, leaving skin radiant.

This lotion is ideal for:

Tattooed tanners thanks to it's Tattoo Technology and deeply hydrating formula which helps to keep tattoos looking fresh

Those who are looking for deeper tanning results thanks to it's powerful blend of bronzers and moisturising properties that promise for a longer-lasting colour. Dry skin reflects light, sheds faster and will not allow bronzers to create an even tone, so keep skin moisturised!

Male and female tanners as this lotion has a unisex fragrance. It also absorbs rapidly into the skin so body hair will not be matted when this is applied. 



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