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🐨 Please help support those fighting the Australian Bushfires! 🐨

by Jade Newton |

Although our founder was born and raised in the US, thanks to his mother’s Australian heritage, his connection to this beautiful country ran deep.

Still today, our organisation has a strong passion for the country’s landscape, vibrant culture, and Aussie way of life. We have always incorporated Native Australian ingredients into our products as a tribute to this country's beautiful wildlife.

However, we, like you all, are heart broken by the devastation caused by the bushfires. As a company we are proud to have done our part to help provide aid to those in need, with a donation to the WWF AU. 

Please, if you are able to, follow suit and help this wonderful country to fight this battle. We have provided links below to donation pages which may be of use.

"It is all just horrifying. No-one knows how many animals, birds or other species have been killed or populations decimated." - Australian Koala Foundation

As a company, we are also proud to have adopted a koala last year. Taro, who will be turning 4 in March, is one of many koalas protected by the Australian Koala Foundation, who have worked for many years to make the world a safer place for koalas. Foundations and charities like this are needed now more than ever. 

When looking at their latest blog, the Australian Koala Foundation team explain they are watching the fires closely and evaluating each fire as it happens. They are trying to determine whether Koalas are in those habitats or whether they are empty, to ensure the safety of as many koalas as possible. Naturally there as also other wildlife species which they are working hand in hand with other charities to rescue, support and rehabilitate.

Please see the following links for ways to donate and support the fight against the bushfires in Australia

The Australian Koala Foundation 


Wildlife Warriors

Celeste Barber's Fund for the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donation Fund

Red Cross Disaster and Relief Recovery

Gofundme - Help Those Affected by the Australian Bushfires

QLD Fire and Rescue