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October's Product of the Month - G Gentlemen's Intense

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☀️ Every month we highlight our Product of the Month. Typically this is a lotion that is trending or that's a great choice for the time of year. This also allows us to share tanning tips and insights into our products to help you get the best tanning results possible ☀️

"It's my favourite! I use this one the most because of the smell, you can go out straight after tanning and it smells like a Fendi aftershave." - Joe. 

Intense by G Gentlemen is a powerful Intensifier which blends silicone with Tyrosine to enhance your natural tan whilst also promising for a long-lasting colour. This can also be used as a daily Tan Extender for longer-lasting colour.

We love:

The tattoo protection - UV light is known for it's ability to fade tattoos. The Tiger Grass and Shea Butter combined in this lotion help to combat this thanks to their deeply hydrating properties. This also makes any lotions with tattoo technology in great for tanners with dryer skin.

The Coconut Juice base - Coconut is known for it's rapid absorption. All of our products in the G Gentlemen collection have this base as it ensures no matted body hair and promises for a lightweight feel that feels great when applying and leaves the skin without a trace. Coconut is also great for revitalising and softening skin for a longer-lasting, deep colour. 

The long-lasting fragrance - The G Gentlemen's signature Rugged fragrance makes an appearance in this powerful lotion. This gorgeous fragrance lasts all day and combats against any after-tan odours for a fresh feel immediately post tan.


This lotion is ideal for:

 Male tanners - G Gentlemen is a collection designed with men in mind. The fragrances are very much like aftershave, leaving you smelling and feeling fresh after your sunbed. This lotion has been created to suit all male tanner's needs, from the long-lasting fragrance, to the lightweight, rapidly absorbing formula which helps to care for skin without a hint of femininity. 

Tanners with tattoos or dry skin - This whole lotion is designed to offer deep hydration without any after-feel. The powerful hydrating properties work to nourish skin and ensures that 

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