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November's product of the month - Sol Struck

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☀️ Every month we highlight our Product of the Month. Typically this is a lotion that is trending or that's a great choice for the time of year. This also allows us to share tanning tips and insights into our products to help you get the best tanning results possible ☀️

"Absolutely brilliant. This cream is fantastic, great smell, gives you great colour and feels lovely." - Joan. 

Sol Struck is an immediate bronzer with a specially-designed formula for those with oilier skin which leaves skin soft and smooth. This special lotion is also a great choice for tanners who want a quick colour boost, but who don't enjoy the moisturising after feel typically associated with tanning lotions as this product absorbs into the skin rapidly without leaving a trace.

We love:

The unique formula - Sol Struck's formula uses a unique blend of ingredients which work to absorb excess oil from the skin and fill in imperfections. This controls shine for a smooth, matte finish that really does last.

The powerful immediate colour -The natural bronzers in this product bind to the skin's proteins, leaving you with an even, streak-free golden glow.

The long-lasting fresh fragrance - Citrus Sunrise fragrance leaves you with a long-lasting, citrus fragrance. This is a unisex scent which is supported by Tea Tree Oil that masks any sweat, keeping tanners smelling fresh for longer. 

This lotion is ideal for:

People tanning for an event - The immediate colour that Sol Struck provides makes this a great choice for those looking to deepen their tanning results for a special occasion. These bronzers help transform any red tones into a golden hue, enhancing your glow.

Lunchtime tanners - This is a great choice for those who tan during their lunch break for those who have a busy schedule and are looking for an instant colour with the stickiness and smell associated with tanning. The formula leaves skin soft and nourished with a powder matte after feel. 

Tanners with an oily complexion - This whole lotion is designed to offer deep hydration without any after-feel. The powerful hydrating properties work to nourish skin and ensures that skin condition is healthy for a glowing tan. However these hydrating ingredients are balanced to ensure skin remains balanced and smooth.

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