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How to prolong your summer glow

by Jade Newton |

It may be September, but that doesn't mean you have to let glow of your summer tan - How to prolong your summer glow

 Summer is coming to an end. The mornings are no longer scorching, it's dark at half eight and everyone is posting 'the tans will fade, but the memories will last a life time 💛', reminiscing about their latest #Ibiza2k19 trip on Instagram.

But, do the tans really have to fade? Not immediately anyway, surely. It may now officially be Autumn, but that doesn't mean we have to throw away our carefully built up summer tans with free abandon at the drop of the first leaf. In fact, to tackle this depressing possibility, compiled here are some top tanning tips to lock in that longer-lasting glow.

1. Stay hydrated

It may sound obvious to keep your water intake high to keep your body, and thus your skin, hydrated, but many of us don't put these two points together. If your body is hydrated, this will show in your complexion which will be plumper and clearer. Hydrated skin won't shed so quickly, retaining your colour for longer.

2. Exfoliate gently

This will remove any dead skin cells, keeping your skin looking fresh. However 'gently' is the key here. A gentle polish will prevent any dry patches from building up which could otherwise lead to an uneven tan. While scrubbing off three layers of skin will make you feel super soft and healthy, it will do nothing but get that tan fading faster. Whilst the melanin in your skin deepens, it only darkens a certain number of layers of skin. So by sanding three off at a time, you're just encouraging your winter hue to surface earlier. 


3. Cool showers

A lot of us are culprits for getting in the shower and whacking the temperature up to the same heat you'd expect to brew your tea with. Although this feels like a comforting, liquid blanket, this can actually be detrimental to our skin. Hot water can strip you of your natural oils, leaving skin vulnerable to the outside elements. This can also result in dryer skin that sheds faster than we'd like. Cooling down the temperature will help to combat this.

4. Diet 

What you put into your body can be as important as what is applied to the surface when looking at keeping skin in great condition - the better your skin condition, the easier you will retain your glow. Natural oils and fats along with healthy proteins can help to stimulate your natural collagen production. Collagen works as an anti-ageing agent that helps to rid you of fine lines and wrinkles. This in turn also helps to smooth out skin, making it easier to keep a tan even. 

Beta Carotene should also be hailed for its antioxidant properties and the impact it can have on your tan. Eating foods rich in this, such as carrots, apricots and leafy greens will help your skin's tone remain a deeper hue thanks to the strong natural pigment of these foods.

5. Moisturise moisturise moisturise!

An absolute no-brainer. Moisturising will keep skin hydrated for longer as well as improve your overall skin condition.

Our Tan Extenders are crammed full of natural oils, vitamins and antioxidants which all work to improve skin condition and prevent your tan from shedding.

One of the main reasons that people see their tan diminish so quickly once off their holidays however, could be down to the frequency of application. When you're out absorbing the rays, it's normal to apply sun creams and lotions every two hours as well as aftersun and moisturisers in the evening. This tsunami of moisturisation compared to the typical daily slap on of that mysterious back-of-the-cupboard, 'oh-I-really-should-get-on-and-finish-that-sometime' pot really has no comparison. So by upping the frequency of moisturisation as well as the quality of the Tan Extenders you are using can be seen to have a marked effect on the longevity of your glow.  


6. If you can't make it, fake it

By using a gradual tanning lotion or one of our lotions that contains DermaDark®, you'll be able to maintain the depth of your tan for longer. Gradual tanning formulas contain a lower quantity of delayed bronzers, meaning that the build up of colour takes more time but promises for a more natural look as it develops.

DermaDark® is an Australian Gold exclusive technology which works with the proteins of your skin to offer a deeper colour without the need for UV light. This is a great way to prolong your natural tan without the use of bronzers. DermaDark® can be found in some tanning lotions as well as our Hemp Nation Seasalt and Sandalwood Tan Extender.