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🐨 Happy Birthday to our Koala, Taro! 🐨

by Jade Newton |

☀️ Happy Birthday, Taro! ☀️

Our lovely adopted Koala, Taro, has had a very busy past couple of months on the Gold Coast. As if napping up to eighteen hours a day and snacking on 1kg eucalyptus leaves every day wasn't enough to keep him busy, he has been keeping up with all of the Koala gossip from when his friends met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! To top it all off, he's just turned three so will be celebrating with all of his Koala pals 🐨


Being a Koala under the protection of the Australian Koala Foundation, he has been enjoying a relaxed summer with his Koala buddies, playing and enjoying the sunshine.


Have a look below at how he and his pals enjoy spending their time with the AKF! 🐨


 The Australian Koala Foundation have also been just as busy as Taro. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to the effective management and conservation of koalas and their habitat. They have planted over 21,000 koala food trees and are working toward the Koala Protection Act to keep wild Koala's habitats safe from destruction. As they believe The Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act doesn't give Koalas the protection they need, the AKF are fighting to give Koalas more support than ever. 


Here at Australian Gold UK, we support the AKF through our adoption of Taro. This money not only supports our lovely Koala but also protects the lives of other wild koalas. 🐨