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August's Product of the Month - Idol

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August's Product of the Month - Idol

Every month we will be highlighting our product of the month. This typically will be a lotion that is trending or that is a great choice for the time of year. This also allows us to share tanning tips and insights into our products to help you get the best tanning results possible ☀️

This month's lotion is the fantastic classic comeback, Idol. 

Back by popular demand, this lotion is a fantastic choice for those looking to prolong their holiday or heatwave tan.  


The bronzers in Idol offer an even, streak-free coverage as it blends Natural Bronzer, Caramel, with DermaDark and Beta Carotene. Caramel provides tanners with an immediate gentle glow that also rids of any red tones in the skin for a golden glow. Beta Carotene is known for its ability to enhance a natural tan, plus DermaDark works with the proteins in your skin to develop a deeper colour.

This is great for those looking to maintain their holiday glow, as the Beta Carotene and DermaDark work with the melanin levels in your skin and help these to deepen.

This lotion is also great for fair-skinned tanners - Some tanners can find that high levels of bronzing agent may leave them with an unnatural looking tan due to their fairer natural skin tone. The use of Beta Carotene and DermaDark solve this by working with your skin's proteins and providing seamless, natural-looking coverage.


Idol is also great for those looking to maintain that holiday glow due to it's high quantities of hydrating ingredients. These promise for longer-lasting colour and deeper results. Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Safflower Seed Oil all work together for deep moisturisation which also promises to prolong your natural tan - The more hydrated the skin, the longer-lasting your tan shall be. 

Keeping skin as hydrated as possible also helps those with fair skin. Dry skin reflects light, therefore the more moisturised the skin, the easier it is for fair skin to absorb the UV light for a deeper glow. 

Idol is also a great lotion to follow July's Product of the Month, Almost Famous. These lotions work well together in so many ways.

Almost Famous offers a great boost in colour and Idol offers to promote a long-lasting glow. Plus they both have the same, great unisex fragrance, Honeybush Tea. This fresh, light fragrance is long-lasting and smells as great on the skin as it does in the bottle. 

Smooth spreadability, rapid absorption and a matte finish, check out our Product of the Month here.

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