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AG and the environment

by Jade Newton |

With Reef Awareness Day, World Environment Day, World Oceans Day all falling within a week of each other, now seems like a great time to share what we are doing at AG HQ to do our bit for the planet.  


Did you know that all of our products are cruelty free?

Since the founding of Australian Gold, we have always been a cruelty free company. We are proud that none of our ingredients, raw materials, formulas or finished products are ever tested on animals anywhere in the world. This is also true of our suppliers, and we do not employ any third party organisations to do this on our behalf; animal testing has never been on our agenda!

What’s more, our manufacturers do not sell our products where animal testing is required by law. This is to ensure that we can remain true to our values surrounding animal welfare. 

Alongside our cruelty-free commitment, we are also working to certify more of our products as vegan every year with the PETA bunny. However, many of our products are already vegan friendly and do not contain animal derivatives.

Finally, our manufacturers are increasing our line of sun protection that are reef friendly, such as our botanical sun creams. This is not only great to use in the sea, but day to day, as the active ingredients used in these products naturally biodegrade easily without impacting the environment.


All of our lotion bottles are fully recyclable. What’s more, the packaging used for delivery is all either fully recyclable, or biodegradable:

The boxes used to ship are 100% plastic free, and use both water- and plant-based inks. The cardboard is also eco-friendly, compostable and sustainably sourced, with all printing and creation being completed within the UK to minimise travel. 

The packaging added to your boxes to keep your product safe in transit is biodegradable. This is made of a natural starch, and can either be put into the bin to naturally biodegrade in its own time, or have water added to it to speed up the process (and create an interesting science experiment at home)

This is also furthered when shipping to our larger customers, such as salons, where we reuse the packaging our products come in, minimising waste wherever possible.



We only use organisations who are committed to improving their impact on the environment for deliveries. DPD is proud to provide a carbon neutral service, by offsetting emissions, optimising routes, founding Project BREATHE and planting trees for those who use the DPD app! You can find out more about the work they are doing to become the world’s greenest delivery company here: 

We also use Royal Mail, who has the lowest carbon emission rate per parcel on any major UK delivery service! They are also taking action to continually reduce emissions, reduce waste and improve the air quality in the communities in which they operate. This includes investing in technologies such as electric vehicles, drones, alternative fuel trucks and energy improvements to their estate.