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✨🎄 2019 Gift Guide 🎄✨

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'Tis the season to be golden and is there an easier way to gift your loved ones a sun kissed glow than with our Christmas Gift Guide?

Knowing the correct lotion for each person isn’t a simple task, so we have made this year’s present picking panic that little bit less stressful. Put your feet up and scroll through our recommended best buys for some merry motivation for your loved ones or simply to treat your 'elf! 🎁


✨ For Her ✨

Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion

As one of our best-selling SPFs, there is no way this could not make our Golden Guide. Our botanical SPF50 face lotion is a global bestseller thanks to it's eco-conscious, reef-friendly formula that offers great skincare and a self-adjusting tint to prevent that white cast typically associated with mineral sun creams. The gentle tint evens out skin tone and blurs fine lines, making this also double up well as a daily BB cream.

Great for: those who want a daily sun cream that sleighs as a facial primer too and who won't compromise on nourished, healthy skin.

What jingles our bells: The hypoallergenic vitamin-rich formula, the powder matt finish that lasts and the versatility that means you can use this lotion every day



🎄JWOWW One & Done White Bronzer


This lotion does exactly what it says on the bottle: One session and your colour is already powerful! This makes this a great lotion for the party season as it requires less maintenance for a powerful, golden glow. JWOWW is know for her great skincare and hydrating formulas, and with the winter weather leaving us with drying skin than usual, this makes this lotion come into it's own at this time of year. Ideal for tattooed tanners. Always apply in a circular motion. 

Great for: Experienced event and occasion tanners who are looking for powerful, dark results without any transfer onto clothes.

What jingles our bells: The tattoo protection, deep golden glow accrued from this lotion and the unisex fragrance that lasts.




🎁 JWOWW Bronze Intentions Daily Gradual Build Moisturiser

Give the gift of a golden tan with JWOWW's Gradual Build Moisturiser. Be it after a tanning session for deeper results or for daily use to build a gradual, natural-looking colour, applying this lotion will have your loved ones glowing all year round. 

Great for: Maintaining your tan over the Christmas period and building a deeper, golden glow. Fair skin as the bronzers will work with your skin tone to develop a golden glow.

What jingles our bells: the natural-looking colour that works with your skin tone to create a bronze that suits hue down to a T! The gorgeous, long-lasting fragrance and top quality classic JWOWW skincare




🍾 Crystal Faces


This specially formulated facial bronzer is so gentle it can be used as part of your daily skincare routine. The DermaDark bronzing agents provide natural colour-enhancing all year round for a healthy bronze without UV light. Yule be crazy to miss out on this great gift!

Great for: fighting fine lines and wrinkles 

What jingles our bells: the nourishing blend of Shea Butter and Aloe Ver





🎅 For Him 🎅


 Hardcore Black

This masculine-looking lotion is the most powerful immediate bronzer in the Iconic Collection. It blends natural bronzers with colour-boosting agents for an immediate golden hue and deeper, delayed colour.

Great for: For those looking for an instant glow as well as powerful, dark colour that will last through the holiday period

What jingles our bells: The unisex fragrance and fast absorption that doesn't matt body hair but leaves skin without a trace.







🎄 Smooth Faces


A fantastic facial Intensifier. Dermatology tested, non-comedogenic to prevent visible pores and pH balancing to prevent an oily or shiny complexion. 

Great for: Those looking for an even, golden glow using a lotion designed specifically for the face.

What jingles our bells: the matt finish that prevents shine, the fact that this is fragrance free and hypoallergenic making it great for all skin types and the focus on skincare that makes this great to double up as a daily moisturiser.






🎁 G Gentlemen's Hydrate Tan Extender






A moisturising Tan Extender designed for men. With a masculine fragrance and DermaDark® bronzer, which promises for a gradual build in colour without the need for UV light, this moisturiser is a great choice for all male tanners looking to extend the life of their tan. The Coconut Juice base makes this absorb into the skin rapidly, leaving no lotion-like after feel and the Tattoo Technology deeply hydrates for vibrant ink.

Great for: male tanners looking to extend the life of their tan, meaning they can leave more time in between tanning sessions without concern of streaks or tanning maintenance

What jingles our bells: the masculine fragrance that smells like an aftershave, the rapid absorption and tattoo technology.





🎁 Stocking Fillers 🎁


SPF 50 Tattoo Stick

As UV light can make tattoos fade over time, treat your loved ones to a fade-defying favourite to promote tattoo vibrancy. This is also very popular to apply to eyebrows and semi permanent make up to protect the colour.

Great for: tattooed tanners.

What jingles our bells: it's versatility, the classic CocoaDreams fragrance and the fact that this is travel size to be used everywhere!




🎄SPF 30 Lipbalm Stick


As a bit of extra protection against those bitter winds, this may not be a life saver, but it's definitely a lip saver!

Great for: everybody!

What jingles our bells: the SPF - this is perfect for protection against the winter sun as well as for day-to-day use! The Coconut base that makes this apply so smoothly.




🎁 Sunless Instant Spray


For those who love an instant sunless tan, our spray offers fantastic results without the smell typically associated with sunless tanning. This spray offers an instant golden glow as well as deeper, delayed results that last. Ideal for the holiday season!

Great for: those looking for fast, deep, golden results that dries rapidly.

What jingles our bells: the quick-dry formula which leaves you with gorgeous, golden colour, the fresh smell and long-lasting results.





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✨ "I've been looking for a good self-tanning product for the past few weeks during the run up to Xmas and can't believe I haven't come across this before. Usually I avoid sprays and opt for a lotion, but this really is incredible stuff. The immediate colour was really flattering, and the developed colour looked so natural. I usually tan quite deeply in the summer and this really reflected my usual natural colour. The smell is great, the tan lasted for a lot longer than other products I have used in the past and the colour is brilliant. I felt so confident wearing this. The finish is great. Really can't fault it!" ✨ ⠀ Another 5 star review on our Sunless spray 🤩⠀ ⠀ #LiveTheGoldLifeUK #NoSunNoWorries #Sunless #SelfTan #AustralianGoldUK⠀ ⠀ photo: @smordigind

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