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by Jade Newton •

❄️ Happy Winter Skin Relief Day ❄️

  The New Year has rolled in, and with it comes a plethora of resolutions which will surely be broken within a month. The same old same old vows, never truly heartfelt, are uttered aloud to placate the idea that the New Year accompanies a new desire to change. Nice try. How about this year you make a resolution that is worthwhile? On Winter Skin Relief Day there is only one resolution we believe should be heeded: to take skincare seriously, all year round.    It seems that there is a pattern to skincare:  Feel motivated to look after yourself and get your life together. Apply a face mask. Remove face mask and stroke your face frequently to embrace the softness as well as the beginning of this new, together life of yours. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise for a week. Get bored and revert back to falling asleep with your makeup on before scrubbing your face with a baby wipe in the morning to try and get rid of the waterproof mascara that’s fused itself to your lower eyelid. Let a couple of months pass. Go back to step 1.             View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Australian Gold UK (@australian_gold_uk) on Feb 15, 2018 at 6:00am PST     This year, let’s switch it up.  Your skin needs TLC (and no, this does not stand for a Total Lack of Cleansing). In the summer, skincare seems to be easier: people understand the importance of SPF and post-sun-basking moisturisation, however for some the winter is a bit more enigmatic. So what is it that your skin really needs to keep healthy, happy and most importantly, hydrated during these cold months?   The beginning of the New Year Winter can be a hard time to maintain healthy skin. The air is sapped of moisture and as the outside temperatures decrease, the central heating is turned up, throwing our skin into bewilderment. Where the delicate skin on our lips chaps from the blistering winds, we harm them further by licking them in an attempt to add moisture. The hot baths and showers we think warm and soothe can actually drain us of natural oils, leaving us vulnerable to the elements, and resulting in dry, cracked and sore skin. With all of these elements contributing to the harming of your skin, it makes no sense that many of us just shrug and wait for spring before hydrating and recovering from the annual winter wounds. Especially when the most common inhibitor of a beautiful bronze is a lack of basic skincare and hydration, resulting in roughness and dryness. To tackle the issue of dehydration, here are a few simple steps which will prevent derma-discomfort throughout the cold months, combat the ageing process and keep skin healthy.   1. Lip balm STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS. Not only does this make you look amphibious, but it also does not benefit the skin at all. When lips are dry, chapped or cracked, the answer is to apply a lip balm and leave it to work its magic. Lip balms with a SPF work best as they protect against the environmental elements, forming a barrier between you and the moisture-sapping cold air.  We recommend: Australian Gold's SPF 30 Lip Balm Stick   2. Moisturise During the winter months, applying a facial moisturiser both morning and evening will nourish your skin, by fighting against cracks, sores and ultimately, ageing. Although your face may be the only thing that is bare in the bleak mid-winter, your body can be just as affected by the cold. Body lotions and barrier creams should therefore be applied frequently, ideally after a bath or shower to replace the natural oils which have been lost due to the hot water. This will keep skin supple, soft and smooth. We recommend: Australian Gold's Forever After Moisturiser   3. SPF No, there is no sun. Yes, SPF is still necessary. This cream should really be dubbed AWPF (All Weather Protection Factor) as it has the ability to protect against wind, rain and snow just as effectively.  We recommend: Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion              View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Australian Gold UK (@australian_gold_uk) on Sep 7, 2018 at 12:37am PDT Winter Sun When facing the winter sun, there is a common misconception, with many people believing: "I don't need to wear sun cream when skiing, it's cold and snowy. There's not sun, I won't burn". This is wrong. Please don't be this person. The likelihood of sunburn, even without the sun shining, whilst on the slopes is very high. Not only are you higher up and thus, closer to the sun's UV rays, but you must also contend with the cold temperatures, freezing winds and reflections of UV on the snow. This is why seasoned pros are always seen either as a deep shade of beetroot from too much UV exposure, or ghostly white from the inch thick application of suncream. To keep your skin safe, SPF and moisturiser are musts for the mountains.   4. SPF and Lip balm As per everyday life, these are important for good skin health. Although the sun may be covered by clouds, this does not inhibit UV rays from harming you. Especially in such a dry environment, if your skin is unprotected and dehydrated, burning is inevitable. To combat this, when facing the winter sun always shield yourself with a high SPF and SPF lip balm. We recommend: Australian Gold's SPF 50 Face Guard Stick   5. Moisture Locks After a day spent in the winter sun, nothing accompanies SPF better than a moisture lock. This nourishes the skin, retaining moisture and allowing for a tan to build evenly.  We recommend: Australian Gold's Moisture Lock    6. Aftercare For those poor people who have suffered with burns and dryness, there is nothing worse than the scorching sensation which accompanies rosy cheeks and peeling skin. To tackle this, applying a soothing aloe gel or After Sun will provide a cooling, comforting effect whilst nourishing the over-exposed skin. We recommend: Australian Gold's Soothing Aloe Aftersun    Without the initial base of consistent skincare throughout the winter, it is very unlikely that you will be able to tan to your full potential during the summer, as the skin will not be as nourished. Dehydration is a tan's worst enemy as it prevents even colour development and diminishes the possibility of a long-lasting, golden glow. So to secure yourself a summertime shine, give your skin a little bit of love and load up on the lotions!     Find out more: Australian Gold Lip Balm Australian Gold  Forever After Australian Gold Botanial SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion Australian Gold SPF 50 Face Guard Stick Australian Gold Moisture Lock Australian Gold Soothing Aloe Aftersun